9 simple ways to improve your online store’s home page

Have you ever walked past a store, looked at the display window and it looked so incredible that you just had to walk inside? now picture that window being the homepage of your online store.

Most online stores have beautiful, but non-functional homepages, you could do some really simple tweaks to your homepage that could increase your conversions and your sales.

1. Display what you sell on your homepage

Your customer should know exactly what services or products you sell from looking at your homepage, this doesn’t mean you should have tons of products on your homepage (please don’t do that), but you could have your product or service categories.

Let’s think about your homepage as a physical store for a sec, what does your customer see? what is in the display window? What is on the main display? Does the flow the items displayed make sense? Do they understand your brand and the types and products that you sell from looking at your window?

Make the first impression of the homepage that impactful and well-considered.

2. Emphasize products not promotion

The primary focus for your online store is to sell your awesome products and services so don’t water that down by putting too much emphasis on promotions and not enough on showing your customers the incredible stuff you have been working so hard to put together!

3. Keep it Simple

Rule number 1. Keep it simple Sasha Fierce! You need to keep your homepage simple and easy to navigate. If you sell “ Geeky phone covers”, would your customer know where to look when they need to find phone covers for an iPhone 8?

Always picture your ideal customer and how they would navigate your website.

4. Make your shopping cart visible

The quickest way to let your customer know they can buy some stuff from is by showing them the shopping cart in the top left part of the navigation. Make sure that the shopping cart is not hidden somewhere else on the website or only shown when your customer clicks on a product.

5. Let them shop

You need to make it super easy for your customer to buy from you, you can do this in 2 ways.

1. Have a link to all your products/ shop page from your homepage
2. Make your homepage your shop page

This allows your users to see all your incredible products or services and allows them to start clicking away and start buying! Which is exactly what you want them to do!

6. Provide links to privacy policy, customer service, return policy, payment, shipping and delivery information

Online security is a huge thing for online users, you need to make sure that your customers feel safe and comfortable with you, they need all their important questions answered, such as, how much is your delivery fee, do you have a return policy and do you ship to their country. When you answer these important questions customer finds it much easier to make an online purchase from your store.

Have a link to your Privacy policy and customer service information so your customer is always assured that you will not misuse their personal information and that they know how and when they can get hold of you when they need to.

Now that you’ve read the post, it’s time to do something about it

Take a before screenshot of your homepage and implement the changes in the post to your homepage take an after screenshot of your homepage.

Then, share your before and after screenshots in the Hello Kai creative Community!

I cannot wait to see how awesome your online store display window!